When to Use a Hook Lift and Why Would You Use One?

when to use hooklift

Plus, read more frequently asked questions about hook lifts and skip bin hire.

Home improvement projects are a big undertaking. You usually require a large number of materials and supplies. Afterwards, you’d be struggling with all the waste that you’ve accumulated. It won’t take you a second to realise that you can’t just throw everything in a garbage bag the same way you would regular household rubbish.

For these sorts of projects, there is a different waste management protocol that you have to know about. By using a hook lift, heavy loads of waste materials can be disposed of. It makes it easy for big projects because you don’t have to fill several wheelie bins just to throw everything out. The hook lift bins make it easy for people to fill it with the materials they need because of how the mechanism works.

how hooklift operates

How a Hook Lift Operates

The truck lifts the bin through the hook, which explains its name. The hook is located at the back of the bin where the docking point is attached. It means that the truck sets the hook lift and skip bins in place and where it can carry, unload, and dump different waste materials.

Other Hunter Valley skip bins do not have the advantage of the loading system that only the hook lift has. That makes transportation and unloading easier than full-lifting bins. Without a doubt, hook lift bins have become so well-suited for various projects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hook lifts

Homeowners and contractors usually have enquiries about the use of hook lift and skip bins. They know it is necessary for proper waste disposal, but the concept of Lake Macquarie skip hire is generally an uncharted territory of knowledge for most.

Here, we list down some frequently asked questions regarding hook lifts and skip bin hire.

what can i put in the skip bin

What can I put in the skip bin?

Hook lift skip bins are always a good choice when it comes to major projects. They can carry heavy loads, so if you have an undertaking where you expect to have heavy waste materials, using the hook lift is your best bet. It can carry the following materials:

  • soil
  • furniture
  • general and mixed waste products
  • wood (tree trunks and timber)
  • construction materials (cement, tiles, bricks, and concrete waste)

Because the skip bins can accommodate such materials, you can use hook lift bins for projects such as construction and/or demolition waste disposal, residential and estate clean-ups, and even house renovations.

skip bins size

What size is recommended for my project?

A Lake Macquarie skip bin is a great fit for so many projects, so business owners and individuals are possibly confused about the size that they need to get. There are also weight restrictions with the hook lift bins, so check the varying sizes and see what suits your needs.

  • 10 cubic metres – for home renovation or remodelling (mostly furniture and minimal construction waste)
  • 20 cubic metres – for small residential projects like lawn landscaping or garden clean-ups (dealing with soil)
  • 25 cubic metres – for bigger residential projects like building a porch or backyard shed (using timber and tree trunks)
  • 30 cubic metres – for big construction or demolition projects (heavy construction waste materials)

Different skip bin sizes are also available from 2 cubic metres up to 10 cubic metres. It is essential to know the size of hook lift or skip bin that is needed. It should always be the right fit for a particular project, which is part of the safety precautions.

What are the safety reminders?

In handling Lake Macquarie skip bins, homeowners and contractors must always double-check everything. Carrying heavy loads is not inherently dangerous, but it is unwise to ignore safety precautions, such as:

  • never load above the level or intended capacity
  • use the hook lifts according to the manufacturing specifications
  • ensure the load is evenly distributed before transportation
  • make sure that the hook lift and skip bins are secure
  • inspect the locks that are meant to be fully secured
  • regularly check everything

The bins should be fully enclosed and locked properly. There are reminders in place to ensure that individuals will not face any unfortunate accidents. The bins may accidentally fall during transportation if the locks are not fully secured. It is just as important to maintain the hook lift and regularly inspect the bins. It helps ensure that the locks are working just fine and the hook lift mechanism does not have issues.

Hooklift needs

Contact Lake Macquarie Skips for your hook lift needs

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the experts at Lake Macquarie Skips. We understand that you need differently-sized hook lift bins for your variety of projects, and we are happy to accommodate your needs.

If you need skip bins, Lake Macquarie Skips will assist you with your plans and offer quick and innovative solutions. With our great variety of hook lift and mini skip bins, hire Lake Macquarie Skips for a guaranteed job well done!

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