Types of Plastic Waste

July 30, 2018 waste types
Segregation as a means of managing waste has become a huge deal globally over the past couple of decades. Companies, organisations, and institutions are now heavily engaged in sorting, organising, and recycling waste products in observance of a more environment-friendly and responsible practice. However, it’s surprising to know how many of us have quite a [...] Read more

Identifying Waste Types: what you can and cannot put in your Lake Macquarie skip bins

September 1, 2016 waste types, News, waste recycling
Waste management is not a simple task. It is essential that you are knowledgeable and that you thoroughly understand how to properly use your skip bins. You should know the types of materials that are allowed to be disposed of in Lake Macquarie Skips. If the load contains wastes that are prohibited, it will not [...] Read more


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