Waste Management in Construction Sites

There has been a vast increase in awareness around recycling. People are becoming more responsible about minimising toxic and hazardous waste products. The rise of skip bin hire services is a testament to this newfound social responsibility.

One of the major contributors to the waste materials that are being disposed of in landfills are the ones that come from construction sites and similar industries. Although some industries have already embraced the culture of waste management, there are still lots of companies who haven’t.

Here at Lake Macquarie Skips, we recognise the benefits of having proper waste management regardless if it’s at home or at work.

The following are some ways specifically for construction sites and industries to ensure that they observe good management of their waste.

Types of waste normally produced by construction sites

When it comes to construction site wastes, two are the most common – building materials, and toxic chemicals. While trees, plants, and other natural objects that have to be removed as a result of the construction can also be a source of waste products, they don’t contribute hazardous effects to the environment as much as the others.

So what are these waste products that come from building materials and construction chemicals?

  • Paint thinners, aerosol cans, and solvents
  • Mercury, lead, and asbestos
  • Light bulbs (fluorescent and incandescent)
  • Nails and scrap metals
  • Electrical wiring and insulations
  • Wood, cement, and bricks

Some of them may already be familiar with to you, but did you know where they go after use? It’s a good idea to put them in separate skip bins according to the type of waste product.

What are the benefits of managing your construction waste?

Yes, there are certain construction wastes that once you get too much exposure to can cause great damage. One quick look and you might think that disposing of them is your safest bet. The good news is, most of these waste products can be reduced and reused. Yes, even the toxic ones! Let’s take a look at this list of waste management methods that have been proven and used efficiently.

1. Use of modular and demountable metal bars and sheets.

Construction, reconstruction, and replacement are bound to generate waste from scrap metals and wood. Use of easy to remove materials limits the waste production caused by the building process.

2. Use of construction materials without the necessary packaging.

Without having to worry about disposing of those packaging (that are normally made of plastic), you are able to minimise waste production.

3. Doors, windows, and whole materials with globally accepted standard measurements.

This will give you a greater chance to reuse should a need for replacement or removal occur.

Generating waste products is inevitable. In this case, you have to be ready with your waste management schemes such as having appropriate skip bins for collecting waste materials.

So, what do construction sites need to do?

In as much as construction industries are among the greatest waste generators, their industry, on the other hand, is largely dependent on materials that can only come in abundance once we start taking better care of our environment. Although much have already been said about how beneficial recycling is, here are a few more benefits that every construction site should remember:

  • Greenhouse gas emission results to climate change
  • Sustainable environment results to enough materials for future use
  • Recycling helps conserve natural resources such as water and minerals

Here at Lake Macquarie Skips, we want us to be partners in taking care of our environment and our natural habitat. We have a variety of skip bins that you can use for your organisations, workplace, or even at home. Call and book now and receive great deals! 

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