Tips on Smart Skip Bin Use

Are you clearing out or renovating your home? Are you moving out? Or do you simply have too much stuff and want to get rid of it somehow? It’s arduous to clear out in bin loads by hand. It’s difficult and unpleasant to clear out a trailer load at the trip. If you want to save time and clear out efficiently, skip bins are the best solution for you. There are services that allow for skip bin hire.

If you do decide to hire a skip bin (and believe us, you’ll need to) you might want to know how. What are the ways to get the most out of your skip bin hire? Here are some tips to help you become a smart skip bin user even before you get started on your project!

6 tips on smart skip bin use

1. Identify what you’re cleaning

Tips on Smart Skip Bin UseStart by determining what you’re going to clean up before hiring a skip bin service.

If you’re trying to clean up a garage that hasn’t been cleared for a decade, then consider getting a medium to large sized skip bin where you can fit all your stuff for disposal. If you’re just doing a regular clean-up of your attic, then perhaps a mini skip bin would be the better choice to save you time and money.

Also think of where you’re cleaning up. If you’re clearing out a boat shed, quite common in the Lake Macquarie area, then a barge that can fit a skip bin would work excellently. Choose Lake Macquarie skip hire for the barge.

2. Identify your rubbish

identify your rubbish, Tips on Smart Skip Bin UseAnother smart move would be to identify your rubbish. There are some items that are generally not safe to put in skip bins, and these also apply to Hunter Valley skip bins and Macquarie skip bins.

Here’s a list of items not allowed in skip bins:

  • Car tyres
  • Batteries
  • Liquids
  • Food wastes
  • Fibro
  • Oil heaters
  • Gas bottles
  • Asbestos

Asbestos can be handled, but with extra safety measures and care. Consider professional help to remove asbestos.

3. Segregate and recycle

Segregate and recycleWe all care about the environment! Or at least we should. Go through your rubbish and separate recyclables before you load the skin bin. Check council websites if you’re unsure about whether an item is recyclable. Put your new recycling pile in the recycling bin and leave the skip bin for all other waste. Do your part and be responsible for reducing waste. Taking the time to assess recyclable objects can also help you identify items that can’t be loaded into skip bins (see above list). Doing this will save you a lot of time later on.

Imagine loading everything into the skip bin only to find that an entire box of items is full of food materials that can spoil. It’s a waste of time to sort through the trash and unload again.

4. Know the limitations of your skip bin

This is why it helps to identify what it is that you are cleaning early on. If you think that you will need a lot of space for your load, then consider hiring a larger skip bin. If not, mini skip bins would help you save loading time and effort.

5. Safety first!

If you know that some of your items to be loaded pose safety hazards (like sharp objects or old power tools), then make sure that you are properly dressed for cleaning. Where long sleeves, gloves, and sturdy covered shoes. If you’re filling a skip bin in an industrial setting, follow PPE guidelines and where steel-capped boots. You don’t want your old rubbish giving you an injury worse than the headaches they have already caused you, right?

6. Load like a pro!

If you have followed the steps above, then all your loadable items should already be neatly arranged, all others well disposed of, and you yourself are safe from injury. Just be careful how you load – don’t just dump everything in. Load larger and heavier items first. Then follow with smaller items to fill in the gaps. If you take time to consider everything above, you’ll have an easier job ahead!

Already feeling like a pro? It takes time, so go get some help!

Lake Macquarie Skips provides excellent quality service. Affordable, sturdy, and varied skip bins are for hire, with different sizes depending on what you need. Use our online booking system or call us at 0452-22-55-88 if you have any enquiries.

Our skip bins are of excellent quality! Be they skip bins or mini skips, at Lake Macquarie Skips we make sure our services are well worth every dollar. Contact us today!

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