Skip Bin Size

Skip bin size

Choosing the right size of skip bin hire for your waste disposal needs.

Skip bins are used to dispose of different kinds of rubbish safely and conveniently. Hiring skip bins is your best option for transporting large amounts of materials such as general waste products, construction materials, and small household items. Skip bins are designed to make clean-ups, renovations, demolitions, lawn projects, and transportation of materials easier, offering a range of sizes that can accommodate almost any amount of waste.

When choosing skip bins, it’s essential to know the best size for your needs. Skip bins come in many sizes, and inevitably, there is one that’s appropriate for your needs. To choose the ideal skip bin hire, you’d need to estimate how much waste or material you have. Next, you’d need to classify what kind of materials you will be removing and how much they weigh. Finally, you’d have to consider where to pick up the materials to load on the skips.

Why choose to hire a skip binWhy choose to hire a skip bin?

  1. Skip bins are perfect for disposal

Skip bins are ideal when you want to dispose of materials or rubbish. Whether you are cleaning a residential or commercial area, there are several kinds of skip bins for you to choose from to fit all your rubbish. Skip bins are also the best option when cleaning post-construction and demolition sites.

  1. A skip bin hire is an affordable option.

Hiring a skip bin is cheaper than renting a truck to pick up and transport your items to the dump. After you load your rubbish in the skip bin, call the skip bin hire company to pick up your skips when ready.

  1. Skip bins get the job done efficiently.

By hiring a skip bin that can fit all of your rubbish, you can get rid of them in one go. You do not need to expend too much energy going back and forth to transfer your rubbish manually from one place to another.

  1. Skip bins can save you time.

If you want a worry-free and fast way to dispose of your waste, then hiring a skip bin is your best option. Once you call to hire a skip bin, it can usually be delivered to you within 24 hours. All you need to do is fill it up, after which you can have it picked up again.

  1. Hiring a skip bin is environment-friendly

By hiring skips, not only will you conveniently dispose of your waste, but you will also be sure that the skip bin hire company will perform proper disposal and recycling on your rubbish.

What are the available Skip Bin SizesWhat are the available Skip Bin Sizes?

Skip bins come in different sizes, but it’s better to choose a slightly bigger skip bin to hold your materials. Rent a slightly bigger skip bin than something too small for your need. To guide you, here are the different skip bin sizes in cubic metres and their equivalent in trailers and wheelie bins.

  • 2M3

Also called a Mini Skip Bin, this is a suitable skip for general and quick clean-ups. Because of its size, it can fit almost anywhere. It can also carry general waste, dirt, tiles, timber, bricks and other small items. It is equivalent to 2 trailer and 8 wheelie Bins.

  • 3M3

Still a Mini Skip Bin, the 3M3 is the ideal size that can fit almost anywhere. This skip size is ideal for small cleaning, landscaping, and gardening projects. It is equivalent to 3 trailers and 12 wheelie bins

  • 4M3

The 4M3 is walk-in skip bin that has rear opening doors. This feature makes it easier for the skip bin to be accessed by a wheelbarrow. Ideal for all kinds of waste, the 4M3 skip bin is perfect for small renovation, construction, and demolition projects. It is equivalent to 4 trailers and 16 wheelie bins.

  • 6M3

A walk-in skip bin with rear opening doors, the 6M3 is ideal when you have more rubbish that they cannot fit in a 4M3. Ideal for any all kinds of wastes, the 6M3 is good for commercial, renovation, and clean-up projects. It is equivalent to 6 trailers and 24 wheelie bins.

  • 10M3

Perfect for large scale projects, the 10M3 is an industrial-grade walk-in skip bin. The rear opening doors allow for easy access to a wheelbarrow. It’s suitable for large scale commercial or residential clean-ups, construction projects, deceased estate clean-ups, and demolition projects. It is equivalent to 10 trailers and 36 wheelie bins.

Right skip bin hire for your waste management and rubbish removal needs (1)Find the right skip bin hire for your waste management and rubbish removal needs.

If you need to hire a skip bin for your clean up or project, Lake Macquarie Skips has the right skip bin size that you need. With Lake Macquarie Skips, you can be sure of fast skip bin delivery, high-quality skip bins, friendly staff to accommodate your needs, and eco-friendly waste disposal. Give us a call today at 0452 22 55 88 to know your options.

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