What Happens Next After Throwing your Rubbish in the Skip Bin

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In Australia’s last National Waste Report, the entirety of Australia generated 67 million metric tonnes of garbage in 2016 -17. That’s as much as 2.2 tonnes of rubbish per person, and it’s growing by the year.

Rubbish removal is a problem in many places, especially for construction. Every locale has its own law. Their one thing common, however, is proper disposal of your rubbish.

If you’re in Newcastle, a skip bin hire is crucial to making sure all your rubbish is in one place. Here’s a question you might be curious about: where does everything go after you send it out?

Find out where your rubbish goes after you hire skip bins. How do they dispose of it? Here’s what happens.

Understanding different waste types

First, though, we need to classify what types of wastes go out in your skips. When you look at Newcastle skip bins, the usual type of rubbish includes:

  • Food waste
  • Garden waste
  • Masonry materials
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Papers
  • Textiles, leathers, rubber
  • Hazardous materials

Each of these waste types will go to a different facility. Garden wastes, for example, will go to composting sites and landfills through the Benedict Recycling Centre. Recyclables that go into yellow-coloured bins, however, go to a different facility that handles recycling.

Many of these materials, like plastic and aluminium cans, should undergo recycling at home. If you’re going for a Newcastle skip rental, you will handle large amounts of waste. Thus, a licensed waste disposal team that can provide proper waste removal is what you need.

What Happens Next After Throwing your Rubbish in the Skip Bin

1.      Where does masonry rubbish in skips go?

In skip rentals, your use will involve construction, masonry materials, and hazardous products. Construction produces a lot of rubbish that need to move to a proper disposal facility.

Mixed loads of masonry material will go to recycling facilities and landfills. Rubble, cement, and bricks have a specific after-market that allows for resale or recycled concrete aggregate. For one, they go into use for road bases and other heavy construction.

Meanwhile, bricks have a good resale value or re-use in other places like gardens and other landscapes.

2.      Where does hazardous rubbish go after disposal?

If you have an old property that still has some asbestos in its construction, all of it goes into the hazardous materials category. Chemicals also count toward this type of rubbish, which then undergoes extensive treatment.

Newcastle skip bins will bring hazardous materials to their respective facilities. The Australian Government works on either recycling, landfilling, or treating these waste hazards. At the moment, 59% of hazardous materials go into landfills, especially those with asbestos contamination.

3.      Where Does Clean Fill Go?

Much of the construction and demolition rubbish also involves clean fill materials, specifically, soil matter. Clean fill soil is soil that is both eco-friendly and does not have waste materials on it. It should also be free from petroleum or any treatment.

In NSW, it’s illegal to place unapproved fill in your property for long. That’s because clean fill itself needs proper verification. Independent services should make sure it’s free from hazardous contaminants.

As time goes by, the unprocessed clean fill will be a problem. It can contribute to the lowering of your property value, and the local council may ask you to remove it. When you have too much clean fill, it’s better to do a Newcastle skip rental to take it out of your property.

When you have a clean fill, much of it will go into recycling and re-use. Skip rentals will see to it to perform proper recycling or disposal, depending on their findings. As long as you don’t exceed the limits of your skip bins, it should not be a problem.

Finding the right skip bin hire in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

When you get a skip bin hire in Newcastle, you need to know where all your rubbish goes. A licenced Newcastle skip rental will go through the proper channels to ensure proper disposal procedures.

When looking to dispose of your rubbish, find a licenced skip hire that provides insured, safe rentals. Find one that offers eco-friendly solutions and a strong commitment to recycling. Contact Lake Macquarie Skip Bins today for more details.

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