How Recycling Saves You Money and Earns You a Little Bit More

August 4, 2019 Recycling

One of the perks of recycling is that you can save, and sometimes even earn extra, money from it. It’s a fact that we are all quite familiar with. In NSW, a can and bottle recycling program lets you earn 10c per deposited item. Although you won’t make a fortune out of recycling, the modest […]

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Making Money Out of Your Rubbish

June 14, 2019 Recycling

Making money out of your domestic waste lets you hit two birds with one stone, you’re helping the environment while also making a little cash from. According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 2,000 kilos of waste is produced every year by the average Australian. An Australian household spends about $1,266 on items purchased […]

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5 Fun Activities for Recycling in Schools

March 29, 2019 Recycling

Recycling is defined as the process of converting waste materials into new objects and materials. It helps prevent potentially useful materials from going into landfills, reducing the need to use fresh raw materials. Recycle is also an excellent way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Planet Ark, an Australian not-for-profit, has been celebrating National Recycling […]

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Home Recycling Made Easy with Skip Bins

February 27, 2018 Recycling

Home recycling can be fun and easy to do, but for many homeowners it can also seem daunting and overwhelming. Luckily, with the help of Lake Macquarie Skip Bins, you can quickly set up a system that works for you. Recycling at home can be confusing. It involves sorting out all of the waste you […]

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