How To Properly Get Rid Of Your Unneeded Stuff


There are times when you are urged to buy something that you think you’ll need in the near future, only for it to end up in the garage, cupboard or cabinet to collect dirt and dust. These things start to pile up over time and soon enough, you’ll have an attic or garage full of unneeded items that are dusty or mouldy. Worse, they can even be a haven for different kinds of pests, worsening the problem of having lots of clutter in your home. The solution? Get rid of it. There are so many ways to get rid of your unneeded stuff and we’ll cover that right now.

What is Clutter? Identify It!

This is one of the biggest steps in properly getting rid of your unneeded stuff. Once you’ve done sorting it out, the next steps are easier and it will flow naturally until your home becomes clutter-free. So the first thing to do is to create a list of your unneeded items. You can make things easier by sorting them into four different categories: sellable, reusable, recyclable, rubbish.

If there are items that you can’t decide which category they belong, then save them and decide for them on a later date. Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out which category they belong. They’d just consume your time. Now that you have a good list of your unneeded stuff, properly categorised, it’s easier to properly get rid of them.

Storage for Reusable Items

Consider setting up a storage area for items that you think you’ll really need some time in the future or pieces of furniture that you can’t really part away with. It’s also a good idea to keep family mementos and keepsakes in a dedicated space. And it also makes it easier for you to perform necessary decluttering in the future as most of them are already stored in one place. Now that we’ve sorted this one out, it’s time for the actual removal.

Getting Rid of Unneeded Stuff

Here are some tips to get rid of your unneeded stuff.

Donate your usable stuff to charitable services. Clothes and other reusable items are a great donation to charities. Wash your old clothing and take it to local charities, there’s many of them. The same can also be done to your old furniture, games and other things that you find that you’ll not be needing anymore.

Sell unneeded stuff. Isn’t it a great idea to earn money while decluttering your home? If you want to sell your items, the go-to place would be eBay or Gumtree. You can also try holding off a garage sale.

Finally, throw-away items that aren’t worth selling or donating. You can also send them into recycling centres in order to reuse their materials. Hiring a skip bin company is also a good idea to ensure that your rubbish/unneeded stuff is properly recycled or thrown away, especially for large-scale clean-up projects.


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