Making Money Out of Your Rubbish

Making Money Out of Your Rubbish - Lake Macquarie Skips

Making money out of your domestic waste lets you hit two birds with one stone, you’re helping the environment while also making a little cash from.

According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 2,000 kilos of waste is produced every year by the average Australian. An Australian household spends about $1,266 on items purchased but never used. In terms of food, each household throws out around $600 worth of food every year.

While the statistics may be daunting, doing your part can help with the problem, and earning some money while doing it is a good bonus.

4 tips to make money out of common household rubbish

Here are some items you might want to try making money on instead of throwing them into your skip bin:

Making Money Out of Your Rubbish1. Empty Toilet Rolls

Did you know that you can earn money when you sell those empty toilet rolls accumulating in your toilet trash bin? A quick search on eBay will give you hundreds of listings for this item. Curious as to who might be interested in buying them? Parents, students, or really anyone who is into arts and crafts. The key is to sell this item in bulk to make it worthwhile. A recent listing on eBay has 100 empty toilet rolls for $22.95.

Making Money Out of Your Rubbish2. Old Product Boxes

You might have upgraded your smartphone or replaced a game console with the latest one. Think twice before throwing the original product packaging into your skip bin. Many collectors are interested in buying product packages, boxes, and even the instruction manuals of your old items. They usually use these for photography, for art, or as inclusions when they sell their own item. Note that you can charge a higher price point for better and more popular brands.

3. Jars and Bottles

Another item you might consider rubbish but that can be a treasure for other people are empty jars and bottles. These items are useful for people who make their own preserves and jams or people who like to bottle their own wines. Those who are into arts and crafts find these helping in creating decorative items around the house. Typical bottles and jars you can sell are:

  1. Candle jars: Expensive ones sell for a higher price. Yes, even those with no remaining candle wax at all. You can sell these for $1 each or $26 each depending on the rarity of your jar.
  2. Perfume bottles: These items sell well on eBay regardless if they are big or small. A used designer perfume bottle sells for about $25 on eBay.
  3. Wine corks: Don’t underestimate these bad boys. A kilo of wine corks can be sold for around $34.

4. Board Games and Toys

Every household with a little kid has experienced losing bits and pieces of board games like Monopoly, Chess, and even Scrabble. Don’t let your irritation lead you just to throw away the incomplete board game. If you have several board games with missing pieces, you can actually package them together to sell at a higher price.

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The above list is just a sneak peek of some of the things you might be throwing away that you could be making money from, and there are countless other refuse items that you could profit from. If you are looking for a partner in eco-friendly waste disposal, Lake Macquarie Skips is here for you. Lake Macquarie Skips not only has green skip bins but they have a range of affordable options too.

From mini skip bins that can fit almost anywhere to huge industrial-grade walk-in skip bins that are perfect for large residential clean-ups, Lake Macquarie Skips has it! Get in touch with our expert customer service via 0452 22 55 88 for enquiries or a FREE QUOTE.

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