Waste Management in Construction Sites

There has been a vast increase in awareness around recycling. People are becoming more responsible about minimising toxic and hazardous waste products. The rise of skip bin hire services is a testament to this newfound social responsibility. One of the major contributors to the waste materials that are being disposed of in landfills are the […]

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10 Reasons to Hire a Skip Bin

April 26, 2017 Lake Macquarie Skips
Every home produces its own type and amount of waste depending on the season, period of time and activities taking place within it. Some homeowners do not see a reason to hire a skip, and believe that the waste from their homes is too little to require them. Below are some of the reasons why [...] Read more

Segregation at its Finest: Top Household Wastes You Should Be Recycling

February 22, 2017 Lake Macquarie Skips

Skip bin hire services are rising in popularity nowadays because of the convenience they offer to every Australian household. However, the accessibility of these services can lead to complacency in waste handling. Improper waste disposal doesn’t just impact every household, but it also poses severe environmental consequences. Hence, everyone should work together reducing waste by […]

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Using Skip Bins in a Demolition Site

January 9, 2017 Lake Macquarie Skips

Demolition sites tend to produce a lot of waste and debris. Current legislation and regulations require sites to practice proper waste management in order to encourage recycling and other practices that will protect the environment. This has led to the creation of different waste management tools such as skip bins. Traditional skips Traditional skips are […]

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Why Should You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle?

November 1, 2016 Recycle, Lake Macquarie Skips

Many of us are familiar with reduce, reuse, and recycle. You reduce your contribution to the landfills by reducing the amount of packaged products that you purchase, recycling those materials you can, and reusing those that can be used again. But why is there a need to reduce, recycle, and reuse – have you ever […]

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