How Recycling Saves You Money and Earns You a Little Bit More

How Recycling Saves You Money and Earns You a Little Bit More - Lake Macquarie Skips

One of the perks of recycling is that you can save, and sometimes even earn extra, money from it. It’s a fact that we are all quite familiar with. In NSW, a can and bottle recycling program lets you earn 10c per deposited item. Although you won’t make a fortune out of recycling, the modest amount you save for every recycling project may be enough to buy yourself something nice, like a dinner in a restaurant.

How Recycling Saves You Money and Earns You a Little Bit More

Recycling allows you to save money by not having to buy new things

Sometimes, you just need some ingenuity and effort to create something instead of buying one. Below are some ways you can save yourself some cash by not having to make a brand new purchase:

· Give DIY a try

For example, instead of getting yourself one of those expensive hair curling irons, you can try the DIY hair curler fashioned out from an old shirt. You save money by not having to buy the tool and at the same time, you also save your hair from heat damage. Or, instead of buying a new table, you can buy a used wooden pallet from a local shop (sometimes you could even get it for free!) and make your own. There are countless DIY blogs and videos out there; you just have to be resourceful.

· Repurpose old furniture and appliances

You can still breathe new life to these old pieces after they have served their purpose. An old, shabby coffee table can be converted into a chic ottoman. An old TV set can be converted into a cool fish tank. There are hundreds of ways you can reuse worn-out household appliances and furniture.

· Buy products made from recycled materials

Most products in the market that are made from recycled materials cost less than those that are made from virgin or raw materials. The difference may not seem so much at first, but they can add up to a considerable amount of money saved in a year. There are also containers that some collection depot will pay you for as a deposit refund. Check underneath the containers to see if they qualify for this.

Recycling helps reduce cost of production

In the manufacturing business, recycling saves on production as well as energy costs. By using recyclables instead of new raw materials, manufacturing facilities save thousands of litres of waters and thousands of kilowatts of energy, since less of those resources are required for recycled materials during manufacturing.

Recycling can also save thousands of dollars in labour and fuel costs. Using materials that have already been processed reduces extraction, processing, and manufacturing expenditures.

You can earn money by selling recyclable materials

Perhaps you have heard of rubbish-rifling recyclers, who earn as much as $2,000 a week by going through people’s bins collecting cans and plastic bottles. But you need not go to that extreme to earn money from recyclables unless you have the time, the energy, and the grit to do the same.

Some common household materials that often end up in the rubbish, in fact, be sold to collection facilities and some companies. One of these is TerraCycle, and they will even pay for the shipping cost.

Below are some of the most popular recyclable items which you can earn from:

  • Paper products – cardboards, cards, newspapers and magazines, and the like.
  • Wine corks
  • Used cooking oil
  • Scrap metals
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Broken electronic gadgets and used batteries

You can save money by reducing the amount of rubbish in your skip bins

With fewer materials to put in your skip bin when you clear out your stuff, you can save money by hiring smaller skip bins and reducing the collection schedule. You can rely on Lake Macquarie skip bin hire for your rubbish disposal needs and money-saving ventures. Contact us today and get a free quote!

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