Guidelines for Loading a Skip Bin in Lake Macquarie and Hunter

guidelines for loading a skip bin - Lake Macquarie Skips

Properly loading a skip bin avoids possible accidents, injuries, and damages.

Skip bins are available for hire all around the region. These bins are highly useful and can serve as an excellent solution for your waste removal problems, especially upon completing projects that involve construction, renovation, and demolition. These skip bins are then secured with chains and lifted onto a truck to be taken away. With that, you can expect that they can cater significantly heavy loads.

Consequently, these skip bins are capable of holding a wide variety of waste products. You can dispose of both general and mixed wastes in these skip bins. You can also use it for soil, concrete materials, and even furniture. However, despite the usability and the wide range of waste products suitable for skip bin disposal, it is still important to observe the guidelines when loading them.

Guidelines for Loading a Skip Bin in Lake Macquarie and Hunter

Tips for taking care of your skip bin hire

· Never overfill the skip bin.

These skip bins can accommodate different kinds of waste, from general (like clothes, toys, paper, household debris, and furniture), to green waste (grass, leaves, home plants, etc.), right through to concrete materials (such as tiles, bricks, pebbles, and rocks). However, you should still regulate the amount of waste products you dispose of in your skip bin. Otherwise, overfilling can be an issue.

To avoid overfilling a skip bin, you must keep the material below the top rim level. That way, you can minimise the possibility of the waste spilling out during transport and causing a hazard to other people along the road. Note that transporting overfilled skip bins is illegal, and the company will be very likely to refuse to transport an overfill skip bin.

Guidelines for Loading a Skip Bin in Lake Macquarie and Hunter

· Do not dispose of prohibited materials in skip bins.

Hazardous wastes, together with other prohibited materials, should never be placed in skip bins. Hence, you are expected to keep some specific materials like asbestos, decaying goods, liquids, gas containers, solvents, harmful chemicals, tyres, food, and flammable items out of your hired skip bin. These are not recommended for disposal through skip bins because they can be hazardous.

· Follow weight restrictions for skip bin loads accordingly.

Aside from not overfilling the skip bins, it is also equally important to ensure that weight restrictions are followed accordingly. Basically, each skip bin can carry only up to a certain weight, this is especially important for larger skip bins (those with 6 and 12 cubic metre sizes). You can easily detect when the skip bins are full. That is when they can no longer be lifted and transported safely and at an ease. If your skip bin is too heavy, the company will not be able to transport it and you may be asked to remove some weight from it.

· Establish an organised way of loading the skip bin.

The key to maximising the space of the skip bin without overfilling and overloading it is by establishing an organised process of waste loading. The goal is to lessen air spaces and make full use of the entire skip bin.

To do that, place the flat materials you are throwing away at the bottom. Lay it down before anything else. After which, you can proceed with the heavier and bulkier items. If you wish to put relatively large items it the skip bin as well, consider breaking those down into smaller sizes.

Simply put, the heaviest materials should lie at the bottom. Meanwhile, the lighter items are placed on top. The loads should also be evenly positioned to ensure safe transport.

Hire skip bins from companies complying with government standards

Government institutions have set guidelines regarding skip bin hires. Being a responsible member of your community, you must see to it that you only hire services from companies that comply with such requirements. This is essential because all these regulations are meant to protect the environment, the workers, and the road users.

Lake Macquarie Skips will provide you with a wide variety of skip bin choices. Let our staff and driver assist you in your waste disposal needs. Book a skip bin for hire today by calling 0452 22 55 88.

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