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Filling your skip bins up to the rim will help you maximise your money and time. Get value for your money by handling and using your skip bins smartly. Whether you are doing a general clean up or removing rubbish after a renovation or demolition, there is a lot you can save if you fill the skip bins up to the brim.

Why you should fill up to the brim

Why can’t you load your rubbish over the rim of your skip bin hire? After all, if you want to save money, it’s easy to think that overpacking your skip bin will get you more value. Or maybe, you simply underestimated the amount of rubbish you have, and you thought you could just squeeze all of it into the skip bin you have.

But the truth is that overloaded bins are dangerous. A skip bin should not have contents higher than the height of its sides.

For safety and security

Generally, most skip bins can already accommodate heavyweights, depending on the size. And your waste can be safely loaded to the rim or line level.  But some skip bins have weight restrictions for safety reasons. The 15m3 bin, for example, can only carry a limited amount of bricks, dirt, concrete, sand and tiles.

For organic waste in an open skip bin type, you have to leave some space as well so that the top of the bin can be secured and tarped. You don’t want loose rubbish floating off while the skip bin is in transit, do you?

After pick-up, skip bins will be transported to waste collection sites and recycling centres as well. If there are protruding rubbish over the top of your skip bin, or if there’s loose trash, then Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Health and Safety risks occur.

Skip bin hire companies will only pick up skip bins which are filled to the rim securely, with no wastes like pipes or branches sticking out of the top. If there is protruding rubbish, you’ll be asked to adjust the load of your skip bin. You will have to unload the excess waste.

Save costs

If you underestimate the weight of your waste, and you try to overload the bins, you’ll only end up having to order another skip bin. Skip bin hire companies won’t accept overloaded bins because they pose a threat to the environment and to the safety of the transit crew.

You’ll have to order an additional skip bin – at your own cost. Ultimately, you’ll be spending more money if you underestimate the load of your waste, and overestimate your ability to safely pack your rubbish in.

How to maximise your skip bin

There are two general practices you can do to safely maximise your use of skip bins.

#1. Organise and segregate your things.

If you are working on a large project, like moving house or demolishing a property, organising and segregating waste is important. This is because there are different types of waste and different types of skip bins for each waste type.

Here is a general classification of rubbish types:

  • General waste
  • Organic and food waste
  • Green waste (from gardening or landscaping)
  • Bulky solid fill waste
  • Miscellaneous and mixed waste
  • Recyclable heavy wastes
  • Biomedical wastes

If you mix all of your wastes together, you might find yourself ordering a large skip bin. And when you are filling in that skip bin, there may be huge spaces left unoccupied.

On the other hand, if you segregate your wastes properly, you can order separate skip bins that are suited for each waste type, and you can fill each skip bin accordingly.

There might be no difference in price, or there may be. But it’s a smarter practice to make these comparisons.

#2. Avoid pockets of air and space.

Strategic packing is key in making your skip bin hire work for you. Much like packing clothes, you can effectively and smartly put your rubbish together.

You can save valuable skip space, especially when you have a lot of rubbish that you want to include in the pick-up.

A good technique is to fill hollow objects and containers you are throwing away. Instead of leaving them empty, you can use the spaces within them to hold other smaller pieces of waste. For example, household items like plastic buckets and tubs can be filled in with waste paper, or clothes.

Lake Macquarie Skips offers a professional and reliable service, with clean, strong and easy to fill skip bins.

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