Common Mistakes When Hiring a Skip Bin Service

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Lake Macquarie residents hire skip bins for a variety of reasons. And while most individuals experience a worry-free waste disposal service, some people get stuck making common mistakes when hiring a skip bin service.

Read on for a short and handy guide to using a skip bin service.

Common skip bin mistakes

Getting a skip bin is easy. With Lake Macquarie Skips, for example, you only need to fill in a convenient online form, and you are set. The skip bin will be delivered to your location, and will be picked up on the same day or after several days. You can even get help loading the skip bin.

But while getting a skip bin is easy, getting the process right might not be so easy for some people.

Mistake #1. Booking the wrong skip bin type

This is one of the most common mistakes people can make when it comes to Lake Macquarie Skips. While you may feel that all kinds of trash are the same, for segregation facilities and environmentalists, there’s always a difference.

It’s also a matter of safety. You don’t want biomedical wastes, which can be infectious or disease-causing, to be transported beside plastic bottles which will be handled later on for recycling.

Here are the types of wastes to consider:

  • General waste
  • Green and organic waste
  • Bulky solid fill waste
  • Miscellaneous and mixed waste
  • Recyclable heavy waste
  • Biomedical waste

There are different types of skip bins for each. If you are unsure about what type of waste you’re disposing of, then it’s best to contact the professional service first.

Mistake #2. Booking the wrong size of skip bin

Skip bins come in all manner of shapes and sizes. There are traditional skip bins that are open top, mini skip bins with drop down doors, and covered skip bins with access doors.

Size matters in skip bins. If you get a skip bin that’s too small, you’ll have to spend more money ordering a new one for another load. It will cost you both time and money.

But if you order a skip bin that’s too large for your rubbish, you’ll end up with a lot of empty and unused space. That’s a waste.

Mistake #3. Adding hazardous chemicals

Adding dangerous materials to your skip bin load is a big “no”. Items that generally should not be placed in skip bins include the following:

  • Materials with asbestos
  • Chemicals and liquid substances
    • Paint, oil-based paints, inks and coatings
    • Chlorinated and degreasing solvents
    • Pesticides
  • Some common household and yard wastes
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Mattresses and rubber tires
    • Large branches
    • Contaminated soil
  • Biological wastes
  • Flammable materials

These items are prohibited because they pose a safety threat either to the people transporting your rubbish, or to the handlers in waste collection sites.

Some of these, like tyres, mattresses and paint cans, can be accommodated with prior arrangement.

You have to prepare, organise and segregate your wastes first. If you think you might be handling hazardous waste, it’s best to confirm first before hiring a specific skip bin service.

Mistake #4. Wrong handling of skip bins

While skip bins are built to be durable, your pavement or driveway might not be as durable. The placement of your skip bin is an important consideration.

Most people place their skip bins on their driveway, or elsewhere in private property. It’s best to place your skip bins somewhere which won’t obstruct pedestrians.

If your skip bin is going to lie on concrete, it’s better to rest the bin on wood or on a carpet first. Otherwise, the skip bin can scrape and leave marks on your pavers.

Mistake #5. Exceeding weight limitations

Many people accidentally exceed the weight limitations of their skip bins.

Skip bins can generally accommodate a great range of heavy weights, depending on the size of skip bin you ordered.  You can safely load most bins to the rim or line level. For example, for the 2m3 skip bin, 300kg of weight is included in the price.

The 13m3 bin, which is used usually for heavy wastes, includes 2 tonne of weight in the price. But the distribution of weight it still limited. You can only load a certain amount of bricks, dirt, concrete, sand and tiles.

The weight restrictions are there to ensure safe and secure mobile transport. If your skip bin is overloaded and cannot be picked up, you’ll be contacted promptly to adjust the load or order a new skip bin.

It’s important to get things correct

Avoid these common mistakes when using skip bin hires. It is not just for the good of the environment or for the safety of professional rubbish removal workers. It’s also for your own benefit.

If you have any concerns, it’s always best to contact a professional team. Lake Macquarie Skips has a professional and friendly service ready to answer your needs.

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