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Book a Skip Bin When You Move - Lake Macquarie Skips

Moving places is a time for change. Whether you are moving out of your parents’ nest, or moving to your 10th independent flat, the requirements of moving houses don’t change. You need to be prepared with an organising system, a lot of time, and a good skip bin hire for clean-up.

Moving places includes key activities: organising your things, loading up the moving truck, and clearing out everything with a Lake Macquarie skip bin.

Part of preparation is booking a skip bin hire beforehand.

Why book a Lake Macquarie Skip Bin

You might not want to admit it, but your house, flat, or even office has probably accumulated an unimaginable amount of rubbish over the years. This may include random knickknacks or gifts that you loved, souvenirs and mementos that you can’t let go of, or even collectables that you forgot about.

Whatever the case, these items and also your old clothing or worn-out furniture may not be things you want to bring with you. When it comes to the disposal of this rubbish, here are four reasons why you should book with Lake Macquarie Skips:

1. Maximise your moving trucks.

Moving trucks are expensive to rent, and they have limited space. Face it: you don’t want (or need) to bring everything you own to your next flat or house. That t-shirt you wore three years ago which doesn’t fit you anymore? That old painting you bought on a whim from a dollar store? If they don’t have value anymore, throw them out. Hiring a skip bin to take care of that rubbish gives you more space for the things that matter.

2. Get the price of convenience.

Think of the alternative if you don’t order a skip bin. You’ll have a mountain of rubbish bags in your pathway. You’ll have to take care of the labour and logistics of taking these bags to the collection site yourself, or you’ll have to contact smaller-scale disposal companies (which is a more expensive option). By hiring a skip bin, you can ensure convenient and proper disposal.

3. Be environment-friendly and responsible.

The beauty of skip bin hire is that it will properly dispose of your trash.  It’ll be taken to the proper waste sites. You don’t have to go through the trouble of segregating the rubbish yourself. You also won’t contribute to land pollution. Lake Macquarie skip bin companies will even sort out your rubbish before disposing of it – so your recyclables will be recycled.

4. Save money.

Hiring a skip bin service is more cost-effective than just opting for regular rubbish pick-up services. With skip bin hire, you can get a whole month’s worth of rubbish and get rid of it all together. It’s definitely cheaper than just trying to take care of individual trash bags.

Tips when moving houses with a skip bin

Tip #1.

When you move, it’s a good idea to start your organising process several weeks before your designated move-out day. That way, you won’t have to cram all of your segregating and arranging all on the same day. Skip bin hires have a limited time period; they are only with you for a limited number of days before they have to be picked-up.

Tip #2.

Be objective. People have a tendency to be sentimental when it comes to the things they’ve accumulated. But if you want to maximise your moving truck and skip bin hire, it’s best to clearly sort out which items you are bringing with you, and which ones you’d classify as rubbish. After you load your moving trucks to the brim, just safely dispose of everything that’s left.

Tip #3.

Choose the right type of skip bin. During the days leading up to your move out, you will be able to check what kind of rubbish you have accumulated in your house. The type and quantity of this rubbish will determine what kind and also what size of skip bin you need. If you have a lot of solid mixed waste, then get a large general waste skip bin. You may likewise get a skip bin hire for recyclable materials as well. Here are the different types of waste:

  • General waste: for building, demolition or construction, and can be commercial, household or organic
  • Green and organic waste: leaves, branches, grass clippings
  • Bulky solid fill waste: large concrete, big rocks
  • Miscellaneous and mixed waste
  • Recyclable heavy materials

Tip #4.

Remember that there are some materials that aren’t permitted in skip bins. For Lake Macquarie skips, car tyres, batteries, liquids, food wastes, and asbestos aren’t allowed, or they require specialised bins.

It’s always the best option to consult a professional rubbish removal service to know what’s right for you. Lake Macquarie Skips makes waste removal easy for you, here in the Lake Macquarie area. With the great bin services, friendly sales price, and comfortable processing, moving houses will be easy.

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