A Beginner’s Guide To Bin Placement

Beginner's guide to bin placement - Lake Macquarie Skips

Each Australian produced about 2.2 tonnes of waste between 2016 and 2017. In total, there was an estimated 67 million tonnes of waste that was generated by the entire country. With this much rubbish, getting Lake Macquarie skip bins hire might be an option you need to consider for your waste removal needs.

Before you decide to book your skip bin hire for rubbish removal, it’s important to understand the proper placement of the actual skip bin.

Skip bins placement guidelines

A truck is needed to deliver small to medium sized skips to the requested location. The skips are lowered off the back of the truck by two parallel hydraulic lifting arms. On the other hand, many large skips are classified as the roll-on-roll-off kind, also known as hook lift bins. For the delivery of this type of skip bin, the bed of the truck is tipped up and then the skip just slides down on it. So you are guided properly, below is a list of placement guidelines for your Lake Macquarie skip bins.

1.     Skip bins within your property

When you hire a skip bin, the best place to put it in is on your property. This option avoids the need for a council permit. If you place your skip bin on your property, you also avoid any unauthorised access to your bin. This is most especially true for people who just pass by and throw their rubbish into other people’s bins.

2.     Skip bins in a driveway

If you wish to place your skip bin along your driveway, then this is also possible. However, it’s important to note the size of the truck that will deliver it to you. A skip delivery truck’s size is normally 2.5m wide for a small truck and 3.3m wide for a large truck. Make sure that your gate and driveway are both wide enough to accommodate this. It’s also essential to note that the widest point of the skip bin truck is the mirrors. If your gate is low enough to let the mirrors pass over, then you have nothing to worry about.

3.     Skip bins in a front yard

It can be easy to place a skip bin hire in a front yard. There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Lifting the skip bin over the fence provided that the fence is fairly low.
  2. Having the truck reverse into the driveway and turn in. The truck will then lower the skip bin in the yard rather than directly onto the driveway.

The second option will need enough turning room in order to properly place the skip bin.

4.     Skip bin on the street or nature strip

In the event that a skip bin cannot be placed on your property, the next option is to place it on the street or on the nature strip. To do this, the truck will need to occupy at least two car lengths of space in order to extend its lifting arms. This means that if you’re placing the skip bin along a street, you first have to secure enough space for it to be delivered and collected. Call before the booking date to discuss this and avoid any fees associated with a failed delivery. It is likewise critical to go over the relevant rules in your location when placing a skip bin on the street or nature strip before you book a skip bin hire.

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